Rosamond, California

Established January 1, 1942

The Oldest Continuing Troop in the 

Antelope Valley - 82 years

High Adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch - 2006

On top of Mt. Whitney

On top of Mt. Whitney

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A Boy Run Troop - Reflections from a Scoutmaster 11/2/02

The goal should be that every Scout and every adjult goes home saying, "I like myself when I am with the Troop."

Teach the adults how to watch and recognize the moments when the earth move.  You know, when the young Scouts' eyes get big because he figureed out how to tie a square know.  Those times when the patrol all of a sudden acts like a patrol instead of animals scurrying around.  The day the SPL runs the perfect PLC meeting or the Troop meeting goes off without a hitch.  I remember once when an ASM and I watched the Trop break camp and load the trailer in 30 minutes.  It was perfect.  We looked at each other and said, well it's time to raise the bar on breaking camp, but we were smiling at the moment.

A boy run program requires a lot of work from both the adults and Scouts, but the rewards are worth bragging about.  For the Troop to be successful, both the adults and Scouts have to grow in the program.  Real growth is slow and unexpected.  One day you are looking at a confused boy wondering how he can manage his Patrol of yelling, rambunctious boys.  Then it seems like all of a sudden, a much taller version fo the same Scout is inviting you to attend his Eagle Court of Honor. "How in the world?" you wonder.  But while we give all the credit to the will of a boy, let's give a little credit to the adults who had the courage to stand up and get out of his way.